"Sebby. Dear Sebby. I miss you."
—Hacked dialogue
"Sebby" is a name mentioned in a hacked scene within Dawn of the New Hour. It is assumed that there is a close connection between Sullivan and Sebby, though how close is yet to be known.

There is no other information about this name at this time. Due to the nature of finding this dialogue, some might disagree that this information should be taken into thought at all because it is only found when the player hacks the maps.

There is no sprite within the coding that could be assumed to be Sebby.


  • The name Sebby, or rather the word Sebby, has a use within the Aurum Demo, however nowhere is it hinted or told what purpose it has.
  • The sprite for Sullivan shows up for the dialogue. It is therefore assumed that Sullivan is the one talking in the hacked scene.
  • Sullivan mentions that he misses Sebby, indicating that they have met more than once before.
  • Sullivan seems to have an emotional connection to Sebby as well, due to the sad icons that show up right before he mentions the name.
  • Sebby could be short for "Sebastian".
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