"It's like I know what he's saying, but he's always three steps ahead..."
-- NPC talking about (not yet added)
The Caesar Cipher was a hidden unimplemented language code found within Update 1.5 of Dawn of the New Hour - DEMO Version.


The Caesar Cipher is a coded language, where letters are switched for a certain letter a certain number away. For example, with a Caesar Cipher of “5”, A would be F, T would be Y, and so on. The Caesar Cipher was worked on within the DEMO Version as a cipher of a “3”-letter difference.

Translation Books

Within the Developer’s Room is an NPC that gives you every item coded into the Database so far. Within some of these items are books marked as “Key Items”. These books supposedly decipher a Caesar Cipher message one letter per book. If the player has Book A, it automatically deciphers the letter “A” so that it appears as “D” in a message or dialogue box, and so on. The reason behind it not being fully implemented into the game is because there is currently no difference in color between the Ciphered letters and the Deciphered letters, making it difficult to tell which letters have been changed in the original Ciphered message/dialogue.


  • As of the Aurum Demo v1.8.9, the cipher, all books, and the script coding for it have been wiped from the game's data.
  • The ciphered “language” is marked by a blue lettering as of v1.5 - DEMO.
  • This could be a reference to the Al Bhed language from Final Fantasy X/X-II, where the player had to collect Al Bhed translators to decrypt their language to tell exactly what the Al Bhed were saying. This was also a substitution-letter language.
  • This could also be a reference to Gravity Falls, a Disney cartoon series, and a direct reference to a character named Bill Cipher.
    • A triangle image was hidden in two locations in DEMO Version 1.2, but was then later removed. This could mean that Bill was planned to be included as an easter egg or even a character.

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