"There's one simple way of knowing if someone's been to a Con before...look at their inventory!"
A Convention Item is acquired through the attendance of convention centers or by talking to NPCs who have attended a convention previously.


Convention Band

A Convention Band is required to enter the Convention Center in Otnemarcas. It costs 400 G.

Pre-Order Tickets

Pre-Order Tickets can be obtained by an NPC who doesn't want their own ticket. It can also be obtained in the mail after talking to one of the Convention Workers if you signed up for a ticket. This reduces the cost of the Convention Band to 250 G.


  • Due to their constant knowledge of Cosplaying, Victoria will be able to tell you all about these items.
    • Some characters have personal inventories that they'll share with the party upon arrival. Victoria's hidden inventory already includes Convention Items. If the player hacked the game to force Victoria to be the main party member during the Otnemarcas events, the player would automatically be able to enter the Convention Center even if they hadn't purchased a Convention Band.
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