The DEV Key is a special key item in Dawn of the Hour - Aurum Demo. It appears as a key, but doesn't open any doors. Instead, it opens a Developer Menu.

Developer Menu

The Developer Menu consists of multiple options that the player can choose from. These options lead to various "quick fixes" the player can do themselves to certain bugs while waiting for the developer to fix them in another update.

Cutscene Boxes

This option allows players to turn on or turn off the black boxes on the top and bottom of the screen that occur during a cutscene.

Chest Area (Teleport Fountain)

This option allows players to teleport to under the Fountain in New Woodbury. This location holds various treasure chests with tweaked "treasure outputs", which change the variables of the chest trophies. This is due to the fact that there aren't enough chests in the demo to finish every trophy in the demo and on Gamejolt. This also works as a back-out option, in case the player is stuck, trapped, or accidentally telported to a map that wasn't updated or even created properly.


This option allows the player to turn on or turn off the Gold and Player field HUDS.

Choice Visuals

This option allows the player to turn on the checker-boxed choices or turn on the "system" choice look.


  • There is another Key hidden in the database that allows for the teleportation to a Developer Room.

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