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<option>*…the Dawn of the New Hour game is the first game designed, directed, and written by Sullivan Miranda?</option> <option>*…in the very first version of the game, it was planned that each world have a World Map travel feature'?</option> <option>*…the official Facebook page of the game's developer is updated constantly?</option>


<option>*…Sullivan has a clock in his left eye?</option> <option>*…Victoria is the only character who doesn't have a solid name?</option> <option>*…in a tech demo, Mark was able to change hair color with the R key?</option> <option>*…in a tech demo, Blake was able to enter Sneak Mode with the R key?</option> <option>*…there is a large group of Cooks who give the player recipes?</option> <option>*…Mr. Tot shows up quite often in different maps?</option> <option>*…Mr. Tot's middle name is "Plum"?</option> <option>*…there is woman with a white dress that will show up in the game randomly?</option> <option>*…there is a figure in New Woodbury that, when spoken to, will simply disappear and glitch the screen?</option>


<option>*…Poison can be used automatically by equipping certain weapons and then attacking the enemy?</option> <option>*…you can unlock the ability to summon Jack in battle once Jack's Potion is used?</option> <option>*…there are secret unused items in the Aurum Demo, such as a Key Card and a Flash Drive?</option>


<option>*…Sonic Screwdriver was the originally-planned weapon for Sullivan until it was left in the air in late-2016?</option> <option>*…the Slime has multiple forms, including elemental forms and evolved forms?</option> <option>*…the Maysmol can use various abilities at random?</option>


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