Teased Enemy now named Maysmol

July 4th: One of the recently-teased enemies have been named "Maysmol".

New enemies teased by Facebook Page

July 3rd: Two new enemies have been teased through the official Facebook page.


Aurum Demo continues production

June 21st: The Aurum Demo returns from hiatus. Director Miranda continues working on the project after two months due to heavy workloads.


Miranda teases future trailers to be a possibility

April 14th: Director Miranda teases that "a trailer or two" could possibly be in the works for both Aurum Demo and the full version of Dawn of the New Hour.


Aurum Demo updates return to RPGMakerWeb Forums

March 9th: Updates to the demo return to RPGMakerWeb Forums.

Aurum Demo receives the "Cookie Crasher Update" fix

March 8th: Update 1.8.1 releases for bug fixes. A new food item causes a crash in battle. This update is called the Cookie Crasher update and will be fixed in version 1.8.4.

Aurum Demo receives update version 1.8

March 7th: Update 1.8 of the demo is released. It changes many aspects of the game, such as HUD, multiple graphics, a new game over, and system tweaks.


Miranda puts hold on writing due to moving

February 4th: Director Miranda puts a temporary hold on writing due to moving out of his old home and into a new one.


Aurum Demo updates to version 1.7

January 17th: The Dawn of the New Hour demo received the major update 1.7, changing the game from DEMO Version to Aurum Demo status.

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