The battles in Dawn of the New Hour are based upon a system of Hit Points (HP).

Each character and enemy has a number of Hit Points that must be depleted before he/she/it is defeated/knocked out. To deplete Hit Points, that character or enemy must be hit by an attack or spell that causes damage. The amount of Hit Points taken away with each hit depends on the attacker's strength and the target's defense. A higher defense means that fewer points are taken away with each hit, and higher strength means that more points are depleted.

Allied characters' HP can be seen under their picture on the Heads Up Display in-battle, and, if the player has the Scan ability (automatically given in DEMO Version), the enemy's HP can be seen under the him/her/it during damage taken or healing.

Allied characters' HP can be restored via PotionsHi-PotionsMega-PotionsElixirsMegalixirs, and Cure Magic, as well as Ramen and other types of cooked items. Some enemies have the ability to regenerate their own HP, but this is not common.

HP can also be restored by accessing a SAVE Point.

When a character's Level increases, their health restores automatically.

If the party's HP is fully depleted, the player will then receive a Game Over.


Hit Points are displayed in a bar form. When a character's HP is at 100%, the bar is completely green. As health decreases, the gauge gets shorter, decreasing towards the left. The green color gets darker in the process as the player loses Hit Points.

Increasing Maximum Hit Points

In Dawn of the New Hour, HP can be increased across Level Ups. The player can also increase Hit Points through Life Ups, a stat-boosting item that permanently increases a character's health by 50 HP. Life Up + can also permanently increase a character's hit points, this time by 100 HP, however these are very rare to find.

Maximum Hit Points

Maximum Hit Points is when the player has reached level 99. This simply marks the last level-based stat boost that a character will obtain. However, HP can still be increased by use of equipment and Life Ups.

Dawn of the New Hour - Demo Version

Each character's maximum health differs from one another. As of DEMO Version, health through leveling can be increased to:

  • Sullivan - 4980 HP
  • Victoria - 4569 HP
  • Blake - 5400 HP
  • Heather - 4566
  • Nathan - 313 (Nathan is locked at Level 6)
  •  ? ? ? - 5690

Armor, Accessories, and Outfits can increase Hit Points for as long as they are equipped.

What Came Before Dusk

(not yet added)


  • Maximum HP and per-level HP has not yet been permanently decided. As such, the numbers on this page will be edited at a later point.
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