"I'll find that monster myself, with no help from the WDF."
—Jerk Guard, before leaving Headquarters.[src]
Jerk Guard is a rogue member of the WDF as well as a follower of the Hooded Man. He is first found in the Land of Cuto, and will appear in certain events that are related to the Hooded Man.

His real name is unknown at the time. However, as leader of the WDF, Nathan holds records for all of his members, and therefore must be one of the characters that know what his real name is.


During the first showing of the Dawn of the New Hour data, RL-Victoria designed many NPCs and a few plot characters as well. The Jerk Guard was one of her creations. It is unknown on where her inspiration of this character came from.


With the WDF

The Jerk Guard was dutiful and took his life with the WDF seriously. However, he felt as though the organization never did enough or as much as it possibly could. When the Hooded Man was his focus, he complained openly about how the leader, Nathan, did nothing while others were hurt. He also seems to lack respect in Mr. Tot, calling him foolish and even insane.

After questioning Nathan's authority and experience, the Jerk Guard left WDF Headquarters in New Woodbury to seek his own answers and bring in the Hooded Man. This event was shown in the Demo Version. It is much later when he fully doubts the WDF, and becomes a rogue member.

With the Hooded Man

(not yet entered)


  • Sullivan and the Jerk Guard are enemies, as proclaimed by the Jerk Guard upon escaping Cuto.
    • Ironically, Sullivan and the Jerk Guard both love pork steaks.
    • This is not the only character to be linked with pork steaks, either. Heather also enjoys this meal.
  • The Upper Guardsman Armor was originally planned to be an outfit for Victoria. It is unknown whether this was scrapped or not.
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