Kristy is a character introduced in Dawn of the New Hour. She is a student who attends the same school as Sullivan and Blake. 


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Soul Crystals

During the events of the Opening, Kristy was able to utilize the Bleeding Effect to her advantage. Using her hobby of jewelry making, she was able to contain some of the energy that came through various Portems that were leaking through to Universe A-1. These were contained within crystals and gems in her collection, some of which were given to Sullivan and some of his party.

The energy contained in these crystals were told to "unlock potential that we've had in our souls all along". According to Lord Sain, each human soul can be tapped as sources of magic, if strong enough. The crystals and gems cut by Kristy act as an amplifier of the soul's energy. This is explained below:

~ The Process of Soul Crystal Amplification ~
"...the soul's energy is sent into the owner's crystal, which then amplifies it and sends it back to the soul. This process is done repeatedly. In turn, this process generates a strong Soul Power which can enable magic and powerful techniques to be performed. Through time, the process can be hastened, and the Soul Power can increase drastically."
~ Magic Hidden in our World, written by Lord Sain.
Lord Sain had originally recorded information on the process of Soul Crystal Amplification from his own experiments and research, but was never successful in making more than one Crystal. His future attempts resulted in destruction of his first and second home, and ultimately he gave up all attempts when he moved to New Woodbury. Kristy was able to fine-tune the process in her own time, of which she said was "destined to fail from the beginning" without her recalculations. Those recalculations resulted in a fully stabilized Soul Crystal. She was then able to recreate the process without fail.

Whether or not different Crystals have different effects on abilities has yet be confirmed.


  • Kristy is allergic to gluten.
  • Kirsty is the only character who was originally met at college.
  • So far, all of the protagonist-related Soul Crystals have been made by Kristy, with the exclusion of Mark's "Tiny Box Tim" Crystal, Heather's "Muse's Amulet", and Lord Sain's handcrafted Crystal.
  • The Soul Crystal concept is very similar to Soul Eater's "Soul Resonance" concept. However, this involves a demon weapon resonance and two souls instead of a crystal and a single soul.
  • "Kristy" is a play on the word "Crystal", further signifying her connection to the Soul Crystals.
  • Kristy's development has been put on hold indefinitely.
  • There are hints that Kristy might be a darker character than originally believed.

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