Drops refer to the elemental treasures dropped by enemies in Dawn of the New Hour.


So far, there are three types of Drops:

  • Shard - weak fiends.
  • Stone - mildly-stronger fiends.
  • Gemstone - strong fiends.

There have been hints of there being Crystals as well, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Each Drop has an element connected to them. Their icons are relative to said element. For example, a Thunderous Shard will have the icon of a crystal with shocks of electricity emitting from it.


Upon the player's collection of these treasures, Drops can be used in synthesis and cooking, to create items with particular elemental additions to their effects. For example, adding two shards with the Thunder element will give that item the ability to cure the user of being shocked, or will shock the enemy and possible stun them.

Drops can also be sold for quick money, ranging between 50G and even 1000G. However, the rarest Drops are unable to be sold.

Gaining Drops

Defeating Enemies

Enemies are the most reliable ways of getting drops, as each enemy has a percentage on particular treasures to drop upon defeat. These percentages range from 8% - 33%, depending on the rarity of the item. The Drop Percentage can be raised by raising the user's LUCK stat.


Enemy drops can simply be purchased from specific shops. The prices range depending on how far you've gotten in the game, chapter-wise.


The player can be rewarded for their skill in mini-games with gold, items, weapons, armor, or accessories. The player can also gain Drops from these as well.

List of Drops

The following is a complete list of Drops. As the progression of the game's development goes on, this list might be updated. As of DEMO Version 1.6, this list is accurate.

Name Price Enemy
Rain Shard C Slime (10%)
Rain Stone B --
Rain Gemstone A --
-- - --
Fire Shard C Flame Slime (8%), Mage Triplets (10%)
Fire Stone B --
Fire Gemstone A --
-- -- --
Thunderous Shard C Shock Slime (10%), Mage Triplets (10%)
Thunderous Stone B --
Thunderous Gemstone A --
-- -- --
Frozen Shard C Mage Triplets (10%)
Frozen Stone B Crysalis (10%)
Frozen Gemstone A --
-- -- --
Dark Shard C Dark Slime (8%), Steambat (12%)
Dark Stone B --
Dark Gemstone A --
-- -- --
Etheral Shard C Crysalis (33%)
Ethereal Stone B --
Ethereal Gemstone A --
---- -- --

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