"Who doesn't know me?"

Lairise Plum Tot is a leader who works alongside Nathan in the WDF. He is also the main character to lead the player in the Tutorial Level. He is mainly known as Mr. Tot until the player meets him in the WDF Headquarters.

Lairise has a habit of giving the player advice that is completely useless for the time he gives them. In the tutorial level, he tells the player how to move and interact, but the player already knows these things. He is famous for his lectures and knowledge, although he can be a bit overconfident in his knowledge and underestimating of others. He teaches classes in the WDF Headquarters of Ruined City, although not many students attend due to his overzealous nature. Despite how many people are against his difference, he is not affected by this in any way.


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  • As with quite a few characters and terms in the game, Mr. Tot's name is an anagram. Lairise Plum Tot stands for "Simple Tutorial". This is a reflection of him being the only character besides the player in the tutorial level and seems to be the teacher of said level.
  • He wears the same outfit as Nathan, due to working in the same position as him.
  • In the Aurum Demo, one of the hotel room tiers offered in Otnemarcas is named the "Lairise Suite".
  • If the player hacks the game for locations not publicly released, they can find Mr. Tot in a map called "HOUSE2". If the player speaks to him, Tot will respond with: "Once, there was a beginning. Soon after, there was a middle. The end.". This is a prod at hackers trying to find unreleased parts of the story, which Miranda had deliberately left out of unreleased maps in the DEMO Version.
  • Tot now has a Facebook account.
  • According to a screenshot, some people call Mr. Tot by his middle name, "Plum".
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