"Hello everybody, my name is..." (cough) "No, no, I can't do that yet."
—When talking to Pink Warfstached Man in the Hotel Lobby

Pink-Warfstashed Man can be found in the Hotel Lobby in Downtown Otnemarcas. He is staring at a notice banner, but it is unknown whether he's actually reading it or if he's turned away from the player, practicing his voice.  

Prior to Demo Version 1.5, he only begins to say "Hello everybody, my name is..." before coughing and stating that it isn't time to do that yet. At the time, it was just a simple nod towards the character. 

After Demo Version 1.5's release as well as the expansion of Awareness, players find themselves meeting Markiplier himself. The scene plays out with the beginning quote as per previous versions; following after includes a full scene and introduction, which expands on the character. After, players can interact with him further.  


  • He has a striking resemblance to Mark/Markiplier. Before Demo Version 1.5, it was unknown if he was the real Mark/Markiplier or if this was simply another cosplayer.
    • This is further referenced by his dialogue, as Markiplier usually begins his videos with "Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome [back] to _____."
  • The pink mustache is a further reference to Markiplier. Specifically, this could be a reference to Wilford Warfstache, Markiplier's other persona.
  • Before 1.5, It was unknown whether this was a cosplayer or actually Mark/Markiplier. It was revealed after the 1.5 update that it was the real person.
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