"Doc, Doc, look what I've got! Ramen!"
—Victoria when talking to Sullivan.
Ramen is a common food item in Dawn of the New Hour. There are many flavors available for ramen, as Victoria points out.

According to Sullivan Miranda, the idea to put ramen into the game was from real-life Victoria, who loves the food.


Ramen Bowl

The Ramen Bowl is the most basic of ramen. It requires Healing Water and a Bag of Noodles, making it the ramen with the least ingredients needed.

It acts as a healing item when cooked, healing the user 100 HP.

Spicy Ramen

Spicy Ramen is similar to the Ramen Bowl, but has an extra ingredient as well as an extra effect. This ramen requires Healing Water, a Bag of Noodles, and a Papper Pepper.

It heals the user 150 HP, and also heals the user of any burns they have sustained.

Super Hot Ramen

This ramen is the first ramen the player will learn that damages an enemy rather than heals the user. This requires the same ingredients as the Spicy Ramen, but adds a few extra ingredients. Healing Water, a Bag of Noodles, and two Papper Peppers are required, and also five Fire Shards.

It damages an enemy for 150 HP, and has a chance to inflict a Burn State on them in the process. The HP Damage inflicts Fire Damage as well, which makes it useful to use against Ice opponents.


  • Victoria, a lover of Naruto, has many aspects that make them very relatable to the character Naruto. Ramen being their favorite food is one of them.
  • Super Hot Ramen's name is a reference to the video game Super Hot.
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