SAVE Points are stations that are distributed in various locations around maps within the game. They can be used by Sullivan, Victoria, Blake, or any other playable character, with the exception of within the Tutorial level. Upon activating one, the player and their party's health and magic will be completely healed. The player will then have the option to save their game's progression or return to the Title Menu. When the player saves the game, this also activates the Autosave.

Autosaving will usually occur by itself when the player walks out of a room and into a new one. It saves the point when the player transfers, and when finished, the player can quit the game if they wish. When they return, they can select the "Autosave" option in the main menu to quickly return to the last room they had entered, but without the bonus of healing that the SAVE Points give.


Each SAVE Point is dispersed throughout every world, with no exception. They are usually placed every three or four "rooms". Many of these rooms are peaceful, meaning no enemy can appear within that room, but there are some exceptions, such as the New Woodbury Inn and the Woodbury Tunnels.


The blue SAVE points are the most common stations. These allow healing, save progression, returning to the Gate, and moving to the Title Screen.


In the coding of the game, green SAVE Points were shown as a type of station that allowed the normal effects (healing, save, title screen), but also with the option to send the player to a world map. EDITED BY THE DEVELOPER: This will be changed in the next demo update to the original purpose of the Blue save; the Green Save will be used only for saving and healing.


In some cases, SAVE Points can be temporary. During some story points and quests, red SAVE Points will be there to help you out for the time being, but will disappear as you progress through the story.


In the files of the game, there is a yellow SAVE Point in the image files. This is not shown in the coding, and therefore it is unknown what this type does or if it will even be used.

Save Menu


The Save/Load Menu as of update 1.4 of DEMO Version.

When selecting the option to SAVE from a SAVE Point, a menu will pop up. Here, the player can confirm a slot to save their progress in the game.

There are currently thirteen available slots to save progress on. This number isn't locked in, however, and later updates could make it increase or decrease.

The Save/Load Menu slots show game time, the current active party, and location where the last SAVE took place. It also shows each party member's current Level, as well as current equipped Outfit.


  • Saving was originally planned to be done in the main menu, but this feature was removed.
  • Autosaving is a relatively new concept for Dawn of the New Hour, as it was implemented just a month before the DEMO Version was released.
  • The original look for the SAVE Point was a goblet of blue fire. The party points this out in the DEMO Version.
    • This could very well be a reference to the Harry Potter series, especially since "G" and "F" are in the game.
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