An unnamed world exists within the DEMO Version of the game. It is accessible from a Portum opened by Mr. Tot on the Islands during a scene.


When entered, the area is dark and rainy. Blake mentions that the area is eerie, and Heather claims to know the location. Roads to other areas are blocked off with wooden fences, and jumping over them is not possible.



There is one single enemy here, which is called a Y0u th0ught an 3n3my. The enemy is not necessarily a name, as it could simply fill in the "____ appeared!" dialogue at the beginning of each battle.


  • WDF, the letters on the main building, might stand for "White Robes of the Fold", an organization mentioned by the Hooded Man during the post-credit scene of DEMO Version.
  • Time does not exist here, as the player's clock stops when entering this world.
  • The area looks similar to Memory Skyscraper from The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts II.
    • This is further indicated by the existence of Xigbar and two other characters in Organization XIII coats.
    • This is even more so indicated by the dialogue in the Y0u th0ught an 3n3my "fight" occurs, as they say "but nobody came to play". as the only characters seen in this world so far have been Nobodies.
      • The "but nobody came to play" dialogue could also be an Undertale reference, from a famous line, "but nobody came,"
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