"This's based off of some weird fruit somewhere in another world. Supposedly, it is supposed to create some sort of unbreakable connection. Carry these things, and the legend says that you'll always find your way back to each other!"
Mr. Tot explaining the Wayfinder's power.
A Wayfinder is a star-shaped charm that supposedly gives good luck to wanderers and travelers. It is designed in the shape and idea of a "weird fruit" from another world.


All Wayfinders have a specific, five-point star shape to them. According to Mr. Tot, the "correct" way to create a Wayfinder is by using seashells and twine. However, many others have made Wayfinders out of other materials as well, such as stained glass and even machine junk. In some cases, there is a token in the middle of the star, reflecting specifically on an aspect of the owner.


  • The fruit mentioned by Mr. Tot is a paopu fruit, found on a tree on the Islands.
  • Mr. Tot has extensive research about the Wayfinder and its properties. The information is currently held in the WDF's Database.
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