Weather is a status that affects the atmosphere in all worlds. It affects heat, cold, rain, snow, and even light. Conditions for these are changed over time and can happen during the day or during the night.


D. v1.2

In the files of Dawn of the New Hour - DEMO Version 1.2, a world not added to the game yet was shown to have heavy rain and even thunder and lightning. This was the first time weather was shown to be an addition to the game.

On the Doctor Artist Facebook Page, a picture was released showing this location as well.

On YouTube, a video showcasing various locations also showed this new world, calling it “Ruined City”. In this video, the public was shown the rain/thunder/lightning added to this world. However, Ruined City has still not been added to the public release of the game.

D. v1.4

In Dawn of the New Hour - DEMO Version 1.4, the weather feature was implemented into every world. Weather so far added are:

  • Rain
  • Rainstorm
  • Thunderstorm

Weather planned to be added:

  • Windy
  • Snow
  • Snowstorm
  • Cloudy

Weather in Dawn of the New Hour seems to run mostly at random, with an exception of Ruined City and Unnamed World, which seems to have scripted weather.

D. v1.6

With the upcoming update to the DEMO Version, bug fixes will be placed to correct an error that allows certain interior maps to also include weather. In short, there will be a fix to a bug that allows houses and stores to have rain on the inside.

Aurum Demo 1.8

With the update 1.8 of the Aurum Demo, weather has been fully implemented on all scales. Sullivan is able to stop the weather with a Time Splicer ability, some NPCs react to the weather, and rain/thunder can be heard inside buildings. Lightning flashes across the screen during thunderstorms, which also rain harder.

It doesn't show up as of yet, but it is rumored that the damage of certain elemental spells increases depending on the weather.

Note: the Windy, Snow/Snowstorm, and Cloudy states have not yet been put in.


  • In the coding of the game, Luxerion seems to be unable to produce rain. It can only have snow and sunny days.
  • The idea for mostly-random weather to be put into the game was from Sullivan Miranda, who’s additions of Free-Jumping,sight-restrictions in certain unlit locations, and special lighting and shading on maps were a means of “making an RPG that looks like an old Gameboy Advanced game, but making it ever so slightly advanced”. He also mentioned that the addition makes the game “a little more believable”.

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